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About Me

Yhover Perez was born on October 5th, 2001, in a household that celebrated Colombian-American heritage. Growing up in the vibrant city of San Diego, Yhover found himself captivated by the enchantment of storytelling and the allure of cinema from an early age.

His journey into the world of acting began during his time at Point Loma High School. There, he discovered his passion for the stage, auditioning for various school productions and immersing himself in the transformative experience of bringing characters to life.

Driven by an unwavering dedication to his craft, Yhover spent countless hours refining his skills. He sought inspiration from the masters of acting, engaging in theater workshops, and relentlessly honing his talent. His commitment and natural aptitude earned him recognition among mentors and peers alike.

Yhover's career boasts significant milestones. Notably, his film "Windows" earned an Emmy nomination at the 43rd College Television Awards. At just 19, he took on a lead role in his first feature film, marking a remarkable beginning to a promising career in the industry.

From childhood fascination to professional achievements, Yhover's journey underscores his commitment to storytelling and his profound connection with the craft of acting.

Yhover Perez Headshot

Life Moves

(Feature)- Lead -Darrin Carey-City Rat Productions


Los Malcriados

(Short) -Lead - Miguel Vega

Portland is the new Portland

(Short)- Lead - Daisy Davis


(Short) -Lead -Jorge Parra Jr- UCLA Film School



(Short)- Lead- Luis Lopez Naevous Films

A Child's  Ordeal

(Short)-Lead -Andrew Orellana- The New School Film



Sketched Out

(Short)- Lead- Katelyn Moger - Biola University Film

Raising Arizona Scene Recreation 

(Short)-Lead-Ethan Spotts - SDSU Film

Sofi- Booked- National-The Cast Station


Adidas-Back To School-Patrick Walsh

Kid Super-Model-Nathan Sukley 

Soylent Nutrition-College Gamer Boy- Lisa Remerowski

Action Clutch-Black Cyber Week-Khalid Mashrah


The Crucible- Lead- PLHS Theatre Company-Amy Chagnon

The Dining Room- Lead- PLHS Theatre              

          Company-Amy Chagnon  

Music Videos
Training & Workshops

"So What"- Jaden Hossler ft Travis Barker

      Prom Goer- Reel-Goats

"Baby" Music Video - Iann Dior

50s movie star- Reel-Goats



"Still Breathing"- Arizona Zervas-Gas Mask                     Nicholas Jandora

Anthony Gilardi Acting Studio - Acting for Camera 


Adrian Alita - Voice and Movement


Katie Turner - Script Anaylsis

Special Skills

Soccer, Skateboarding, Clarinet, Trumpet, Spanish

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